Your taste and wants should NEVER matter more than humane treatment of animals. Yes, you can die from eating a live octopus. What was the experience of eating live octopus like? Apparently, eating your food while it is still alive is a delicacy in some parts of the world. Our picks of the week from around the web, including the truth about death and good reasons not to eat cephalopods. A 71-year-old man in South Korea choked to death after eating a chopped but wiggling octopus tentacles. For some, eating live octopus is said to be good for the blood sugar levels. The arm and suckers of an octopus, drying in the sun in preparation for eating… It is known as a choking hazard since the tentacles can stick to the mouth or throat, and even Koreans have known to choke on it. Eating Octopus might also kill you… or make you pregnant. A woman in South Korea stopped breathing after eating a live octopus, and died 16 days later in hospital. A man, 71, choked to death in Incheon after eating a chopped but wiggling octopus, police said Tuesday. Getting injured from eating them isn’t uncommon. The woman was reportedly attempting to eat the creature live. Many Korean natives also eat the octopus whole by wrapping it … According to CNN Travel, eating live octopus grew in notoriety in large part because of the infamous scene in Oldboy, a 2003 Korean film.In it, Choi Min-sik—the lead actor—eats a whole live octopus. Eating wiggling octopus is not a good idea. I am very against eating live animals, exactly why I don't eat any sea food in most cases. Why you shouldn’t eat octopus - BBC Future Homepage This makes them unconscious, then you can deliver a painless death. AFP October 12, 2012 2:11pm. It cost more than most foods and set me back about 10,000 won (roughly 10 USD), but it isn’t exactly the most commonly eaten food. When you order the dish, they chop it up and season it, and serve it to you as it’s wiggling around on the plate. The 35-year-old man, who was a host on DouYu, one of China's largest live-streaming platforms, had been filming himself drinking alcohol and eating centipedes, geckos and mealworms. Reportedly, the old man had been asking for help for respiratory difficulty. Eating an octopus live is inhumane - as is boiling crabs alive. It's wrong and if that's the only way you can enjoy a food, you need to really reconsider. A SOUTH Korean was jailed for life for the murder of his girlfriend, who police first thought had choked to death while eating a live octopus. The problem with this is it can be dangerous and downright deadly.