Oh and did you forget that Kid Buu had all of Dai's power and Fat Buu was massively stronger with just a tiny bit of it? However, before he could eat the severely injured Kai.Buu was spared by Dabura (he was actually trying to kill Buu with his Demonic Spear), but he pulled the spear out and healed the hole in his stomach. Mystic Gohan was so strong that he was able to beat Majin Buu. Evil Buu triumphs over Good Buu. Please leave your comments. Thus, they would be erased on the spot by Zeno sama, according to the rules. He can split himself into many copies and have them go after everyone at once as an insane level distraction. The universe 6 tournament has a lot of weird crap going on. Among those are the Saiyans of Universe 6, where Kale is their version of the legendary Super Saiyan. Buu's Magic: Every strange power that Buu has is not a weapon, it is a power of him or an extension of himself. Whis could have mentioned broly or something since he basically has knowledge over everything that's happening in his universe like how he found Goku and the other Saiyans etc . I doubt that he could survive and then, of course, there are abilities like the God of destruction Hakai or even Zeno Erasure. After enjoying the tournament for its entertainment value and the spectacle of the participating fighters, Zeno determined that a larger competition involving all of the Universes would prove even more entertaining.Later, after meeting the Future Zeno, Zeno more or less for… Majin Buu has extendable body parts, which would allow him to grab any one of Universe 7 member falling of the arena. As we know that originally, Majin Buu was going to take part in the Tournament Of Power. In the manga Goku admitted that while he could beat Kid Buu, both he and Vegeta together were no match for Super Buu. After the mini-tournament, Buu begins to train on Earth for the Tournament of Power. Monaka (モナカ, Monaka) is a deliveryman whom the God of Destruction Beerus uses as motivation for Goku to get stronger. When Beerus was the one and is levels beyond him it’s a RETCON.Don't use Logic against Dragonball fans. Uub = Kid Buu + Dai's God Power@FlyingWindGod Desperate for more powerful fighters to join his team in the Tournament of Power, Goku goes down to Hell to make a deal with Frieza. If its one of the latter two Buu wouldn't even be able to use that strategy. Of course, fans will know why Majin Buu was kept from the tournament. Mystic Gohan – The Buu saga. But not because Uub himself is really that special. Buu’s forms are a mess, but the point is that a good chunk of the cast was inside him at some point. That was also a boost in power for him because Mystic form is stronger than Goku’s Super Saiyan 3. Goku can erase Buu with a single Kamehameha and thats a given, same goes for a lot of warriors like Jiren or Toppo. You are correct, he is literally too overpowered for the rules of the tournament. Uub has all of Buu's power without being weakened by mankind's evil, because Uub lacks mankind's evil. So far it's up in the air whether people whp fall out of the ring are killed, hakai'd or just put on the benches. Maybe he runs out of motivation, or energy, or his abilities don't work against people that strong. By Sage Ashford Nov 06, 2020. However it has been proven that if a character is sufficiently stronger than Buu they can beat he regeneration and wear him out. It enrages them. How will he react when he comes across a certain caped baldy who is a hero for fun? Could Buu ABSORB Jiren? He is later removed from Super Buu by Vegeta, and once the power of the Kais was removed from him, Super Buu reverted to the insane creature "created" by Bibidi, Kid Buu (the original Majin Buu). He has some cool abilities and would add a lot of flavor to the arc IMO. He should have known about broly, so why not mention/recruit him? Not necessarily. The Tournament of Power was originally conceived by Zeno after witnessing the Tournament of Destroyers held by Beerus and Champa. During the Tournament of Power, Gohan served as team leader and managed to last until he was one of the remaining eight fighters. However, Majin Buu went to sleep … This is why if you were to hit Buu with a movement powerful enough to wipe away is energy. According to Gohan, the Ultimate form is something that only he is able to do, and therefore he has chosen to " pursue this form". It was also inspired by a line of thought I had had about the joke fan theory about XXI being C-137 Rick Sanchez after The Real … Buu had even trained for the tournament. Buu in a team setting might just be way to much for the ToP. His copies have all his abilities too. With the ability to turn anyone into chocolate, he would give Universe 7 an advantage. When Kid Buu -- the final/original form of Majin Buu -- emerges from Super Buu's forced transformation, Vegeta says to Goku, "It's hard to tell if he's stronger now or weaker," suggesting Kid Buu's strength had not changed much. Tien Shinhan is a tall and very muscular bald-headed man. Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan all directly contributed to Buu’s abilities, but he also absorbed everyone on Kami’s Lookout. Buu is capable of generating his body and it doesn’t matter how much damage he takes. id wager at least a quarter of the participants are around krillin/tien/roshi levels. He without throwing a punch himself could probably give all his team both a damage absorbing jacket and active high speed regeneration of ki and stamina. … He also wasn't used to his SSJ3 form and wasn't confident that he could fight Buutenks as SSJ3 and win. So like, do you really need to completely obliterate Buu to beat him? Universe 0: Multiverse Tournament Location. Unauthorized use or duplication of these material without express and written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. However, Buu survived and came back together. Don’t forget the healing powers, he can heal too. They beat Freeza several times, and Buu's on their team. From fighters like Gamisaras and Damon, who could be next to impossible to see, to teammates like Dercori, who used their power of illusion to trick opponents like Master Roshi, this team knew how to hit you from behind. During the Mr vs Kid Buu fight Vegeta notices that Mr Buu is actually getting damaged from Kid's physical hits and surmises that only a Buu can hurt a Buu. Majin Buu can’t be killed and can instantly regenerate. I totally see why they took him out to even the playing field. Goku doesn't know who the hell Uub is until the last episode of Dragon Ball Z. No, despite his natural techniques, he's still not in the same league as Hit, Toppo, Jiren, etc. It’s entirely likely that the Tournament of Power is as far as Toriyama has written which certainly adds a new air of potential finality to it. My idea is that it's not like Tory wanted to include Majin Buu in the first place, Buu was just a plot device to re-introduce Freeza. That and he's asleep :p. Late to the party, and I agree with you and OP. With Buu, he had an already estabilished way of taking him out of the equation, AND he's a sufficient lost to motivate Goku in calling Freeza as a support. But I guess at that point, if you have to keep consciously thinking of reasons as to how to limit that character, they decided there was no point using them. Roshi may not have the raw power of the others, but raw power isn't everything - Botamo, Magetta, and Hit were beaten through experience, instinct, and techniques, something that Roshi has in spades. As we know that originally, Majin Buu was going to take part in the Tournament Of Power. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to us with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. During the Buu saga, Trunks and Goten complained that all there was there to eat was rice and water. In the Universal 6 saga, Buu failed the intelligence test, and in a few other instances, Buu went into one of his long sleeps when he could have been helping. Why couldn't they have tossed aside Tien or Krillin, characters which did barely anything in the main tournament? Dabura calls Initial Buu weak who Gohan believes he can beat if he can unlock his True Power Dabura is judging Fat Boo's power by his appearance and his dealings, not by the power he felt. this isnt a tournament filled with 80 goku-powered individuals. 0. When in reality we actually do see what happens in the tournament and let’s just say, Uub doesn’t make it past the first round. How much of a difference would it make? All he has to do is alter his body shape. Whether it was nonsensical power scaling or the numerous episodes that seemed to go nowhere in terms of progression, there’s plenty to criticize. Of course, fans will know why Majin Buu was kept from the tournament.

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