Charge Rate Comparison by State See how states compare in terms of ADA charges per 10,000 people with a disability in the labor force. There were 76,418 discrimination charges filed in FY 2018, a decrease of 9.3% from the 84,254 filed in FY 2017, and well below the 2008-2016 annual average of 94,000. Posted in Gender Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Retaliation, U.S. The number for total charges reflects the number of individual charge filings. Full EEOC charge-filing statistics are available here. The total number of cases was calculated using the “Charge Statistics (Charges filed with EEOC) FY 1997 Through FY 2018” data tables. The EEOC’s April 10, 2019 press release about the 2018 FY statistics can be found here. Day Pitney Employment and Labor Quarterly Update - December 2019 The EEOC resolved 99,109 charges in FY 2017. 02 March 2020 Last year, the U.S. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently issued its enforcement statistics for the EEOC's fiscal year 2013, including data about… According to Law360, EEOC charges in FY 2018 were at their lowest level since 2006. Charge Statistics (Charges filed with EEOC) FY 1997 Through FY 2019. By Fox Rothschild LLP on May 16, 2012. It is possible for one individual to report multiple types of discrimination, and those multiple reports are not included in the total figure: 1,889,631. It secured more than $398 million for victims of discrimination in the private sector and state and local government workplaces through voluntary resolutions and litigation. The EEOC received 99,412 charges of discrimination, almost the same as last year, but resolved 111,139 ... Statistics reported by the EEOC which compared FY 2010 to FY 2011 included: — the average … EEOC Releases 2011 Statistics Breaking Down Charges Filed By State and Type. Charge Statistics (Charges filed with EEOC) FY 1997 Through FY 2019. Every year the EEOC collects information from approximately 90,000 private sector employers on the demographic makeup of their workforce. It was also noteworthy that through administrative enforcement and litigation, the agency recovered nearly $70 … II. Those of us that have an interest in the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) charge and litigation statistics eagerly await the release of new data toward the beginning of each calendar year. Regarding this data, EEOC Acting Chairman Stuart J. Ishimaru stated: The latest data tell us that, as the first decade of the 21st century … At the same time, the cost of harassment filings rose. 0. Good news and some bad news for employers lurks within the EEOC charge statistics for Fiscal Year 2019. In a January 6, 2010 press release, the EEOC reports that job bias charges approached record-high levels during Fiscal Year 2009, with 93,277 workplace discrimination charges filed nationwide. Because individuals often file charges claiming multiple types of discrimination, the number of total charges for any given fiscal year will be less than the total of the ten types of discrimination listed. First, the good news: For the third straight year, total EEOC charges fell in FY2019. Recently, the EEOC released its 2017 statistics for the numbers of claims filed by state. Posted by John Buckley on Thu, Feb 12, 2015 @ 12:02 PM Tweet; John F. Buckley IV, Senior Attorney, National Legal Research Group. See the most common issues cited on ADA charges filed in each state from 2006-2014, and compare across states. Annual statistics from the EEOC show that its percentage of reasonable cause determinations has declined considerably in recent years, from a high of 9.9 percent in 2001. The statistics reported in these materials are derived from data files obtained under an agreement from the U.S. Last week the EEOC released its charge statistics from fiscal year 2017, which ran from Oct 1, 2016 through Sept 30, 2017.. The EEOC recently updated its charge statistics for 2013. EEOC Charge Statistics: Fiscal Years 1997 through 2009. While these statistics do not reveal how cases were resolved, they do show certain patterns of the type of workplace complaints that are most frequently seen in certain states — and what types of discrimination seems to be more common in certain areas. Retaliation was the most… Bases of EEOC Discrimination Charges In the wake of increased training mandates, businesses are seeing a reduction in frivolous charges. 2017 Sexual Harassment Statistics. This information comes at the heels of an updated enforcement plan released late last year. Among other raw statistics of note, the EEOC received over 540,000 calls and 155,000+ inquiries in its field offices. In FY 2017, the EEOC received 6,696 charges alleging sexual harassment. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announces the availability of private sector workplace discrimination charge statistics for each of the nation’s 50 states and U.S. EEOC Makes State Charge Data Available Online Tables Present Employment Discrimination Statistics in User-Friendly Format WASHINGTON — The U.S. EEOC Releases Fiscal 2019 Charge Statistics. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received 72,675 charges of workplace discrimination, according to its recently released enforcement and litigation data for fiscal 2019 (October 1, 2018 through September 20, 2019). Blog - Employment Law, Category-Employment Law. Retaliation was the most common claim in FY 2017, followed by race discrimination, disability discrimination, sex discrimination (all types, including sexual harassment), age discrimination, national origin discrimination, and religious discrimination. Last week the EEOC released its charge statistics from fiscal year 2017, which ran from Oct 1, 2016 through Sept 30, 2017. 17 June 2019 Labor & Employment Law Perspectives Blog. OVERVIEW OF EEOC CHARGE ACTIVITY, LITIGATION AND SETTLEMENTS 15 A. Respondents to the study perceived racial discrimination as most prevalent, followed very closely by sex discrimination. EEOC FY 2019 Statistics Released: Charges of Discrimination are at an All-Time Low But the Percentage of Retaliation Charges Continues to Rise. And this tool allows individual members of the public to actually dig in by geographic location, and we’ve got it down to the county … January 30, 2020 . The Breakdown – Beyond the High Level Numbers New data show increased awareness led to a reduction in the overall number of harassment charges. The EEOC had a remaining charge workload of 61,621, the lowest year-end level in 10 years. Jonathan Gonzalez. Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released its charge-filing statistics for fiscal year 2018, which ran from October 1, 2017, through September 30, 2018. EEOC 2019 Charge Statistics Released . Every year, the EEOC publicly releases information detailing what the agency has been working on during the past fiscal year. EEOC Announces Recent Charge Filing Statistics and Settlements. We collect information on race, ethnicity, gender, and job category counts for every employer in the country. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. State-Level Claims Many states have their own employment discrimination statutes and state agencies who process sexual harassment complaints. Review of Charge Activity, Backlog and Benefits Provided 15 B. This figure represents a 12-year low in total charges filed, coming in as the lowest amount since FY 2006. Robin Banck Taylor. Reading the Tea Leaves: A Look at the EEOC Charge and Litigation Statistics From Fiscal Year 2018. Perhaps never has a fiscal year’s statistics been more eagerly anticipated than that of fiscal 2018. Despite these trends, the EEOC’s statistics also show that only 76,418 charges of workplace discrimination were filed in FY 2018, a more than 10 percent drop from FY 2017 (when 84,254 charges were filed). Based on final sexual harassment statistics for fiscal year 2017, the number of charges alleging sexual harassment had declined compared to the year before. According to an EEOC publication, “[f]or charges alleging harassment, reasonable cause findings increased by 23.6 percent to nearly 1,200 in FY 2018.” Furthermore, the EEOC successfully conciliated 498 charges alleging harassment, a 43 percent increase from the prior year. Most charges were down, but sex harassment, LGBT charges were up. The EEOC recovered nearly $400 million on behalf of victims of alleged discrimination. Last month, the EEOC recently updated its charge statistics for 2013. Territories for fiscal years 2009-2011. With the benefit of a little time, a deeper look at these numbers reveals some important messages for organizations looking to focus their compliance efforts. This information comes at the heels of an updated enforcement plan released late last year. The EEOC’s 2019 charge statistics mirror the perceptions of respondents to a recent study conducted by DOAR, the nation’s top trial consulting company. Of the charges filed with the EEOC in FY 2017: Retaliation is the 1 charge with 41,097 (48.8% of all charges filed). According to the EEOC’s statistics, Wisconsin EEOC charges (1,096) made up 1.2% of all charges filed in the country in 2016. EEOC sexual harassment lawsuits also increased by more than 50%. Charge Statistics FY 1997 Through FY 2011 The number for total charges reflects the number of individual charge filings. The number for total charges reflects the number of individual charge filings. The figure calculated only reflects the total number of individual complaints filed. Authors: Christina M. Kennedy. The EEOC’s enforcement and litigation statistics can be found here. Continued Focus on Systemic Investigations and Litigation 16 C. Systemic Investigations – A Comparison of the Last Seven Fiscal Years 18 D. EEOC Litigation Statistics And Increased Focus On Workplace Harassment 19

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