•  Grand allegro with boys showing Tours en l’air You can only be eligible for a scholarship by attending our scholarship day. We’d like you to experience what it’s like to be a full-time dancer, so for your audition we invite you to attend the college for the whole day. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We will be in contact soon to finalise your Audition time. You will then be contacted to complete an additional application form which will outline our criteria and eligibility for scholarship consideration. Submit an … •  Pointe – 2 Barre and 2 Centre, combinations to show APPLYING TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A SCHOLARSHIP? What you do to build your résumé leading up to senior year can make you stand out from other applicants, regardless of how you perform on audition day. Please wear your normal dance wear with pointe shoes, ballet flats and contemporary foot wear if worn. Scholarships are open to new students applying for Cert III in Dance, Cert IV in Dance and Diploma of Dance. ), Give them a reason to remember you. While college auditions don’t generally cut in this manner, in their minds, the faculty at highly competitive dance departments likely are taking a few minutes to assess you as a dancer. Dancers must be enrolled in a HC Dance Technique course (Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, or W. African) to be eligible. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. 2) Even if you’re good at hiding the concentration face, you’ll still look like you’re holding back, being cautious. Utilising the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi all our teachers are RAD registered and trained. October 2019 edited October 2019 in Dance Major. College may seem far away when you’re a freshman or sophomore in high school, but that’s actually a critical time. Students do not need to audition to be a part of the dance program at Hope College, only to be considered for the Distinguished Artist Award Scholarship (DAA). If you require a date different to below, please contact us to arrange a time. Ph: 02 49529294. *For Fall 2021, all auditions and interviews will be conducted virtually. 1) You’ll have the “concentration face,” which usually involves looking down and not emitting confidence. Dance Jobs and Salaries Admission to the Dance or Theatre programs is based on the review of the applicant's academic credentials through the Dean College Online Application for Admission as well as a by means of a required audition. The Dance Division typically accepts 24 students per year. Pay close attention to the dancers and try to notice things like, “Hmm, they don’t seem to care much about flexibility, but everyone here has incredibly smooth transitions.” Also, read the program cover to cover. CUA50113 Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance), Location: 151 Young Road, Lambton Newcastle NSW 2299. Listen to them explain it once, then try to be one step ahead of them as they explain it again. Big plus! “Say your name 3 times during your phrase,” was the prompt. Still photographs in the following positions But when it’s time to audition for a college dance program, sky-high extensions and picture-perfect fouetté turns won’t be … Dance minors track specifically in one of three disciplines, ballet, modern or jazz. Pay really close attention and try to apply those to your dancing. Technique is second nature to you, so you’re probably going to point your toes without consciously thinking about it. In compliance with public health recommendation related to COVID-19, auditions during the 2020/2021 academic year will be via video. Dynamic Stretching for Dancers, How to Apply Progressive Overload to Your Dance Training, How to Set Up a Dance Practice Space at Home on a Budget, Choreographer’s Block and How to Overcome It. Our facilities do have showers, so feel free to bring a change of clothing and shower accessories. Dance school audition requirements Just as dance auditions and admission requirements are different from the requirements at a music school or art school, the requirements also vary among dance schools, so check with the college of your choice for specifics. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. •  Classical and contemporary, lyrical or Jazz solo (minimum 1 -1.5 min piece no longer than 2.5 mins). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Pro Tip: If you go on a walking tour of campus before the audition, stretch out your hip flexors really well. Applicants will be contacted following their application to the program. Improv is your chance to present yourself as an individual, and it is a skill that absolutely must be practiced. The outcome of that day would essentially determine whether or not I got to spend the rest of my life dancing. At Connecticut College, dancers may take class in West African and/or Afro-Caribbean dance. And how should you act in the audition? Don’t think about your technique at an audition? Our Scholarships are available only to students who attend our Scholarship Audition Day. Interviews and auditions will play a vital role in student selection, and type of dancing and level of experience may also impact eligibility. I remember she was a really hard worker,” number 25 just severely increased her chances of getting picked. Serious high school dancers are all too familiar with the drive to nail that extra pirouette, to thwack their legs just a little bit higher. My school had a thing where you could come and take class for a day and get a personal tour of the performing arts building if you were considering auditioning there. How do you gain this valuable skill? Communicate something with your body. To apply you are required to complete the attached audition form on this page indicating you are attending. You see, I had already gone through the college audition process in my senior year of high school, and failed. Although we do not permit dancers to audition for the minor, those who audition for the BFA program who may not meet the criteria for entrance there, but who do demonstrate a proficiency in either ballet, modern, or jazz, may be offered a spot as a dance minor. CUA40113 - Certificate IV in Dance That shows that you’re willing to work with them, which is even more appealing than talent most of the time. After a short break, you will complete your audition pieces and then attend an interview with the Artistic Director, Brett Morgan. At some point before senior year, you’ll need to decide what schools to audition for. You don’t want that! It was almost too late by the time I realized that I loved to dance, but I wasn’t dancing like it. With hundreds of theatre, dance, and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. College Dance Audition Schedule and Results 2019-2020. Wanted to get this started so we can all keep track of where everyone is auditioning for, how their audition went and the results of everyone's auditions. Applicants also have the option of presenting a … Dance Department Founder Maxine DeBruyn Dies. When I walked out of the most important audition of my life, my first thought was, “That was fun.” It’s so cheesy, but they really can tell who loves to dance and who doesn’t. National College of Dance Junior Academy Formally Marie Walton Mahon Dance Academy, Copyright National College of Dance 2015 - All Rights Reserved, Request Information for a Course or Audition. Dance minors track specifically in one of three disciplines, ballet, modern or jazz. No solos. If you’re auditioning for a school where modern/contemporary dance is their focus, they will almost certainly want to see some improv. (Potentially a topic for a future post!). CUA30113 - Certificate III in Dance Why? In this meeting he will provide you with valuable feedback and discuss with you your career options and aspirations. Your interview will be a duration of 15 minutes with our Artistic Director, Head of Cert IV or Head of Diploma. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing you can do in an audition. Are you crazy? Dance Majors: 5 Things to Look For in a College. If you are completing a private audition, we run our auditions a little different! AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: The dance audition for all applicants will consist of a ballet warm-up and combinations in jazz and modern. Look for opportunities like that! She was 83. Dancers applying for entrance in fall 2021 must submit a prescreening video. This applies to majors and non-majors alike. 23.8K 288. You are not required to bring a costume. IN PERSON AUDITION. The Bellevue College Dance Company is seeking intermediate to advanced dancers and student choreographers. Students auditioning for the BFA Dance Performance and Choreography and BA Dance Studies programs will be evaluated for acceptance into the program, as well as scholarship consideration. I was a shy person to begin with, and had no idea how to make my voice work with my movement in an artistic way.

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