Why Master Import Export Trading?

We have been working for more than 20 years in the area of ​​Foreign Trade, with the objective of obtaining cost reduction, agility in the processes and advice on the delivery of solutions.


Expert Advice

Expert advice

Master Import Export specializes in providing management, strategy and market advice for micro, small and medium enterprises. Ask for service and know how we can help a micro, small or medium company to develop and grow up.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main focus is to offer advice and advice in all aspects of the Foreign Trade activity, always aiming at: agility, efficiency and accuracy of information and procedures, being able to execute Imports and Exports of any nature.

Business Opportunities

Master Import Export is a guarantee of opportunity and good business. Meet our featured products and make great deals.
  • Exporting Pig Iron

    Pig Iron – The highest quality raw material for the production of metallic alloys and the manufacture of Steel. A Master Import Export acts […]
  • Exporting Woods

    Gross noble wood and / or beneficiated for the furniture industry, civil construction, finishes, coatings, floors. Documented timber of origin wholly suitable and licensed by Brazilian regulatory agencies […]
  • Steel Exporters

    Steel of the highest quality industrialized and / or manufactured for civil construction, industry, automotive, naval and agricultural sectors. Construction, manufacturing industry, automotive, marine industry […]
  • Exports of Aluminum

    Leader in the export of aluminum, the Master Import & Export stands out for its performance in the ability to satisfy its customers and the quality of the […]

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